Reader's Testimonials

  • "At the Airplane House, Nadine oversaw press releases for the band. But, hey, she herself is a WRITER. So many beautifully-crafted stories, illuminating thoughts, and candid recollections of bad craziness and uplifting enlightenment. Of life, as it is. When it comes to story-telling, it’s Nadine who deserves the praise. Title aside, her book is a lot more than 'confessions.' It's the chronicling of an amazing woman and life, of an inspiring story arc that goes from rock and roll fanatic--and professional--to thankless but heart-felt work in hospice, and of lessons learned at both ends, thanks to her discovery of the Spirit."
    Ben Fong-Torres. Former Senior Editor, Rolling Stone, DJ, KSAN-San Francisco, "Almost Famous" and doc "Like a Rolling Stone" (Netflix)

  • ” Authentic personal story that also follows the journey of a generation…Let me say now that I found Nadine's memoir emotional moving and spiritually uplifting.”
    Jonah Raskin, author of books on Allen Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffman, Jack London and more…

  • “I bought it for the rock 'n roll (Nick Gravenites + around the world with the Jefferson Starship, ) but stayed for the death and dying. Part one is her sex and drugs and music stories…but it was part two, when she leaves music behind and begins working in hospice care (she's the living embodiment of the phrase "empathy"). I cannot recommend this book enough! It's both entertaining and inspiring.”
    Pat Thomas, author of books on the Black Panthers, Jerry Rubin and the Yippies.

  • “What makes Nadine Condon’s CONFESSIONS so riveting is the detail she provides in telling her story…coupled with a soul-baring perspective on her life that sets this well-written book apart.“
    George Tanber

  • “A buoyantly readable and beautifully detailed testament to life itself written by San Francisco original Nadine Condon, a music impresario and later, a committed end of life care giver. Condon’s humane, insightful, passions power this nook right to the end."
    Silversword on Amazon

  • “A rollicking good rock and roll tale that is also inspiring and filled with wisdom…Everything you could want from a book. A perfect read for these times we live in. Two Enthusiastic thumbs up.”
    Robert on Amazon

  • "A must read---brilliant.”
    Danny Chauncey

  • "Who knew such a wild Rock and Roll woman was such a great writer!”
    John Doughtery.

  • “Her writing takes you into the moment at the parties, hospital rooms and beyond.”
    Katie P on Amazon

  • “So many emotions…I couldn’t put it down.”
    Roxy Myzal

  • “A fantastic journey from rock and roll maven to seeker of deeper wisdom.”
    Helen Volhontseff

  • “She's got some wild memories and a singular perspective about what really happened back in those days But for me, the book becomes most interesting when Nadine stops looking for thrills and starts looking for answers.”
    Nancy Stevens

  • “ I appreciated the journey that she takes the reader on in this story.. I think every reader will find inspiration in this story.”
    Jennifer Swenson

  • “Nadine has a good way with words so the story holds your interest. She starts by exploring life, decides what she wants to do and makes it happen…She takes us through her story and leaves us uplifted and hopeful.”
    Clifford on Amazon

  • " CONFESSIONS: Stories to Rock Your Soul" is the tale of one woman’s appetite for adventure and the sublime episodes and unforgettable people that shaped her soul.”
    EZ Going on Amazon

  • “Nadine really speaks from a place of gratitude, wonderful reflection and heart. This has more spirit and soul than most 'biographers' you'd read, and you really get to know the people (including quite a few legends) deeply in this book. This is a joy to read; easy, fun, lively and sometimes gritty.”
    Amazon reader

  • "I was captivated throughout the entire book”
    Margo, CA.

  • “I started reading this book intending to only read a chapter or two before bed and the next thing I knew, it was 4am and I was still reading! - I couldn’t put it down.”
    The Great Linzin

  • “Exquisite, astonishing, hilarious, painful, brilliant, honest, nuanced, ingenious, and in every way a masterful work.”
    John, WA..

  • “Everyone needs to read this and share your story.”
    Bob, CA.

  • “You write so smoothly, so whole-heartedly, it's like being carried down a wide creek or a river…”
    Curt, CT.