"Nadine has been at the epicenter of the music business both locally and nationally. She's seen it all, top to bottom."

Eric GodtlandEGM Management (Third Eye Blind and The KGB)

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The Keynote Lecture: "Rock and Roll Advice for Life"

Nadine is offering a BRAND NEW keynote, for 2004-2005. "Rock and Roll Advice for Life"

This compelling talk uses the creative tenets in her book Hot Hits, Cheap Demos as they apply to everyone's life and career path. Using real world stories of popular musicians like Smash Mouth, Melissa Etheridge, Chris Isaak and Beyonce, Nadine uses the commonality of rock music and our celebrity-conscious society to demonstrate the path everyone takes to finding their true success in life, no matter what the genre.

Tackling issues of career frustration and self-sabotage, extolling the virtues of belief in self, trusting your instincts, thinking outside the box and taking responsibility for your career, Nadine breaks down the process of success into achievable, understandable actions. Her ending creed of "embracing the process" and developing a lifetime of collaboration with colleagues resonates with young audiences everywhere.

This lecture is applicable to the general populace of student bodies, business groups or anyone who wants to be inspired and motivated to live their best lives. (30 - 45 minutes speaking plus Q&A and book signing available. A promotional video is also available.)

Real-World Music Business (From Starship to Smashmouth)

Stephan Jenkins

Nadine Condon uses her 20 year plus experience with gold and platinum artists in entertaining yet inspiring fashion. Her engaging talks shares a tantalizing "behind the scenes" look at the business while providing artists with the tools and information they need to succeed. Universal challenges are discussed and practical, easy to understand solutions are stressed. Real-World Stories of music stars like Chris Isaak, Melissa Etheridge, Jefferson Starship and Smashmouth, are used to underscore lecture tenets. Everyone you hear on the radio today, was once exactly where you are right now...same problems, same frustrations, same challenges. Hear the facts from a real pro who is devoted to nurturing up and coming talent.


  • Shape a Musical Future - Top two secrets of the industry, 22 actions to take right now.
  • Planning and Strategies - Can you Plan A Career? Flexibility, accountability, discipline and partnerships.
  • How to Timeline A Musical Endeavor - Traditional and non traditional marketing strategies.
  • Play Your Music Live - Putting a band together, obtaining and promoting shows.
  • Create a Web Site, Make a Press Kit, Hire a Publicist - How and when to do what.
  • Record a Demo CD, Find A Producer, Woo Radio Airplay - What is a hit song?
  • Solicit A Manager, Lawyer or Agent - How and when to solicit a team.
  • Criteria for Record labels, Publishing Companies and Performing Rights.
  • Practical Advice to Go - Rules to live by to create a long, successful, creative career.

(75 - 120 minutes, including lecture, breaks and book signing. A promotional video is also available.)

What the seminar industry has to say:

  • "Nadine's seminar will change the way you look at careers and success in the music business. Nadine empowers her audience to take charge of their own music careers using her vast knowledge of the industry's ins and outs, liberally laced with witty anecdotes that prove her points. We'll definitely be inviting Nadine back to Pacific."
    ... Keith Hatscheck, Chair, Department of Music Management, University of the Pacific

  • "I've seen a lot of music speakers, but Nadine's presentation was the most comprehensive I'd ever seen."
    ... Ian Crombie, Executive Director, West Coast Songwriters Association

  • "Nadine speaks from the heart and people respond. She's an amazing speaker..."
    ... Vanessa Purdy, Arizona Music

  • "Nadine is pure class. She's a first rate pro and I'd work with her anytime".
    ... Bruce Haring, Executive Director, DIY Convention, Los Angeles

What students have to say about the seminars:

  • "Your seminar helped me empower myself to accomplish really anything I desire. You broke the process of success down into steps I knew I could accomplish and not be overwhelmed."
    ... Bay Area Seminar attendee

  • "Thanks again for the great seminar...I'm still steaming with residual ideas and concepts. Most importantly, I'm very happy again about being an artist."
    ... Portland seminar attendee

  • "I got a lot of good info from your seminar. It is amazing how you just start talking and don't take a break (or much of one) for two and one half hours. And it's just like songwriting...every word counts."
    ... Portland attendee

  • "FANTASTIC. I thought you covered a lot of information, but it was clear and concise, so it wasn't overwhelming. It was a great seminar".
    ... Seminar attendee in Belmont, California

  • "I enjoyed listening to what you had to say very much! The information was interesting, well organized and relevant. It was well worth the investment. Your extensive knowledge of the business and well as the artistic creative side of music, is quite impressive."
    ... Seminar attendee, Phoenix, Az.

To inquire about booking a talk or sign up for a seminar, please Contact Me.