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Bay Guardian - Monday July 27, 1998  -  8 Days a Week

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
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ONCE AND FOR ALL quell the yammering ("You never come see my band!") of your friends in the Bay Area local band scene by attending Nadine's Wild Weekend. Sixty gigs are packed into a three-day schedule at eight of the city's best-known venues, including the Transmission Theater, Paradise Lounge, Bottom of the Hill, and Cocodrie. Bands of all sorts -- rick, pop, electronica, and everything in between -- hope that their 30 minutes in the spotlight will turn a few heads among the industry reps in attendance. Scheduling is tight, and many shows happen simultaneously, so it will be tough to hit more than a few gigs in a single evening, but organizer Nadine Condon hopes you'll wear yourself out trying. You can check out the latest roster at www.bmi.com/whatsnew/nadine.html; it'll reflect the last-minute glad-handed adds and unfortunate cancellations. Savor this chance to gorge yourself on the vainglory of dream weavers; overdosing has never been more harmless.

Fri/31-Sun/2, 9p.m.-2a.m. (Sun/2 begins at 2:45 p.m.). $8 a show, $40 weekend pass. (415) 821-6299.

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