"Nadine has been at the epicenter of the music business both locally and nationally. She's seen it all, top to bottom."

Eric GodtlandEGM Management (Third Eye Blind and The KGB)

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7 x 7 Magazine - Tuesday July 1, 2003  -  SF Music Right Now - The Godmother

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
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Bay Area success stories (Counting Crows, Third Eye Blind) had the talent, but without the help of Nadine Condon, they might never have made it to MTV. SF's "Godmother of Rock" has been guiding local bands safely along the road to mainstream success since 1988 but her music ties date back to ther fabled age of Janis Joplin and Bill Graham Presents. After moving to the city in the early 70's Condon became director of promotion for the chart-topping Jefferson Straship. Today she shares what she's learned in the form of mentoring. "I help bands navigate the business of makng musicand talk to them about what their goals are," says Condon. In the 90s, her BMI New Music Showcases Series provided groups such as Stroke 9 and Train will much -needed public exposure, Now she offers another opportunity with Nadine's Wild Weekend- an annual four day music festival featuring more than 135 bands at 15 clubs around town. Everyone you see on MTV was once exactly where you are today, she tells frustrated artists. "Just keep making music". Her new book Hot Hits, Cheap Demos (Backbeat Books) is out in November. Her motto: "Success is not a secret society. Success belongs to everyone." --AH

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