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Sunday September 25, 2005  -  Nadine Speaks This Tuesday, Confessions of a Record Producer....
  • Nadine Speaks in SF THIS Tuesday
  • "Confessions of a Record Producer" LOVES My Book
  • Hurricane Relief

Nadine Speaks in SF THIS Tuesday

Just a reminder to all that I'll be making a rare local appearance speaking to the Musicians Union on Tuesday, September 27th @ 7 PM at 116 Ninth Street (@ Mission Street). You can call 415-575-0777 M-F from 10-4 PM for information and reservations. Free to Local 6 members, $10 public. Check out the musician union's site at local 6. This will be cozy little evening and a chance for you to hear some things that will HELP your career as a musician. It's cheap too, so come check it out!

"Confessions of a Record Producer" LOVES My Book

Moses Avalon wrote one of the greatest books ever written on the music business, Confessions of a Record Producer. He discovered my "MUST HAVE" book Hot Hits Cheap Demos and wrote...

Recently I came across what may be the most useful book ever written for an emerging artist. It was over-looked by media sycophants for reasons I can not fathom...Hot Hits, Cheap Demos is a book you want to own. Itís a polar opposite to my cautionary-styled books. Itís positive and upbeat with great advice and stories from the trenches by someone whoís actually been there. Not a wannabe who couldnít make it. The most amazing thing in it is the timeline. It clearly marks out the benchmarks you need to hit to move from the garage to the arena. And if youíve already been at this for a year or two, then simply jump to the year youíre in on the time line and see how you rank.

Moses was so taken with my book and timeline, he asked for permission to post it on his own Moses Avalon web site.

WOW. Check it out. While you at it, you should get yourself a copy of his Confessions and be on the lookout for his newest book coming soon, the short titled--- Million Dollar Mistakes: Steering Your Music Career Clear of Lies, Cons, Catastrophes and Landmines.

Moses and I are both veterans who tell it like it is and write real world, no B.S. music books. OUR books are the only ones you need to really understand the biz and have a career. True story! BUY my book here!.

Hurricane Relief

All monies (minus postage) from the purchase either the 2001 or 2002 Wild Weekend CDs will go to the Petfinder.com Foundation Hurricane Fund which relocates animals and tries to reunite them with their owners following the Katrina disaster.

In the MIX...

Mia and Jonah (still), The Matches, Deborah Pardes, Garrick Davis and the Funky Band, Miggs, Smith Point.

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
*Anyone who purchases the book from this website will receive $20 off any length consulting session.

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