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Wednesday November 17, 2004  -  Nadine Reads from Hot Hits @ Studio Z, Weds. 11/17 ; Awesome new CD from the Rowan Brothers

I had so much fun reading at "Litquake" last month, I was thrilled when Pathways Arts and Media Network Lounge asked me to read from "Hot Hits" at this Wednesday's event, from 8-9 pm at Studio Z in San Francisco.

Every Wednesday evening, Pathways presents a salon with fine art, performers, speakers, short films, music videos, speakers, VJ's, DJ's, music solos and ensembles, visual art, and more. It is a relaxed atmosphere to make connections and create new pathways to where you want to be. There is even free wireless web access so you can bring your laptop and show off your web site or digital presentation to new connections. Bring your business cards, press packs, and brochures. Pathways is all about promoting the arts and media community. I'll stay around to answer any questions and chat about the business.

These Wednesday salons are sponsored by Gigslist.org; Gigdirectory.net; Modenartmedia.net and Studioz.tv. StudioZ Gallery is located at 1515 Folsom @11th, in San Francisco.

Awesome New CD by the Rowan Brothers

I had the chance to hear the Rowan Brothers perform recently at a private party. They were fantastic. They might have the most amazing harmonies this side of heaven. With great instrumental back up and wonderful songwriting, they are a true Bay Area treasure. I'm sure everyone saw the big article in the Chronicle pink section about them, and live, they exceed all expectations. Thirty years after becoming a cult phenomenon, they may be doing their best work. Do yourself a favor and pick up their new double CD,"Now and Then". I think you'll be knocked out and inspired.

Thank You...

New Mexico was fantastic! My host was Professor Sherri Burr at University of New Mexico Law School. Nopt only did I speak to the class, but I also appeared on the TV show "ArtsTalk". The students had great questions on downloading and the internet and the music business in general. Beautiful school and beautiful people in Albuquerque. Muchos Gracias amigos and amigas.

Thanksgiving Wishes

Until next time, be safe and remember to watch each other's backs, give thanks and be proud of the work you do, the music you make, the life you live. This aint no dress rehearsal peeps... May Thanksgiving blessings give everyone a peaceful heart.

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
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