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Saturday October 9, 2004  -  Nadine reads at SF's author festival- Litquake, on Oct. 15th; Jefferson Airplane DVD is phenomenal; More...
  • Nadine reads at SF's author festival- Litquake, on Oct. 15th
  • Jefferson Airplane DVD is phenomenal
  • More...Disc Makers, New Mexico Law School Talk, Current Haps

Nadine reads at SF's author festival- Litquake, next week, Friday, Oct. 15th

Every unsigned band I've ever worked with, always wanted to play my music festival, Nadine's Wild Weekend. But as a writer, I always wanted to be asked to be part of Litquake, San Francisco's literary extravaganza. This year my dreams have come true!

On Friday, October 15, I'll be at Amnesia, 853 Valencia Street, from 7:00-8:15 pm , reading with a few other music authors from Backbeat Books. Our event is hosted by the inimitable Ben Fong Torres and is part of the larger Lit Crawl, a three-hour pub crawl style event in the heart of the Mission District. Twenty venues, from bookstores to cafes to bars (on Valencia Street, between 16th and 22nd Streets) will take part. Each venue will feature genre specific readings by a vast array of writers, including mystery writers, science fiction, erotica, travel, music, cartoons, spooky stories, etc.

Lit Crawl co-curators to include The Grotto, 826 Valencia, MacAdam/Cage Publishing, HarperSan Francisco, Avalon Publishing Group, Youth Speaks, Public House Press,and Backbeat Books (my publisher) among many others. Admission is FREE.

30 years ago, I came here to be part of the music scene. But if I was a twenty something today, I'd come here to be part of the hot writing scene. It sizzles with the finest writers of the current generation. Go to the Litquake site and see all the activities they have planned for this nine day festival of fun, frivolity and literature.! Yikes, I can't wait.

Jefferson Airplane DVD is phenomenal

Last week I had a personal flashback when I went to the private party celebrating the release of the new Jefferson Airplane DVD "Fly Jefferson Airplane". This DVD is phenomenal, with stunning sound quality and classic film footage. Watching it, you remember why Jefferson Airplane are so iconic in stature. They created music completely original in form and style. Jack Casady on bass and Jorma Kaukonen on guitar, Spencer Dryden on drums (and later Joey Covington on drums) lay down a music bed that cooks while Grace Slick, Marty Balin and Paul Kantner sing like no male/female before or since.

There is excellent footage which mirrors the times, and a fascinating clip that filmaker Jean Luc Goddard captured of the band playing on the rooftops of New York City (a full two years before the Beatles thought of pulling the same stunt). I was proud to be part of this heritage, albeit in the 80s. I always felt I was entrusted with a great legacy and respected it as such. For those of you who missed the Summer of Love and the true music revolution, this is a DVD not to be missed. You should be able to find it in all the normal outlets.

More...Disc Makers, New Mexico Law School Talk, Current Life

Disc Makers Magazine is featuring excerpts from Hot Hits, Cheap Demos in their October and December issues... I'll be heading out to New Mexico in early November to speak at the University of New Mexico Law School and appear on public television. Go Lobos!

If you are wondering why I've been so quiet lately, it's because I started my second book this summer and tried to focus on that a bit. It is a work in progress... I also have been working at Mission Hospice of San Mateo County, where I have been a long time volunteer. As I write on my website:

Nothing I have done, from three consecutive #1 singles to 14 gold records to 5 Elton John Oscar parties to cars, limos and drivers (on three continents), to backstage passes, Grammies, and MTV, and so much more, have equaled the high I feel relating, soul to soul with another human being in this type of work. Let yourself honor the authentic purpose of your true heart.

Whether you are a musician, caregiver, unemployed, nine-to-fiver,teacher, student, parent or child, may we all be blessed to find and follow our callings. Rock on babydolls and see you at Amnesia on October 15th @ 7:15 pm!

P.S. I'm offering a special deal for all consulting sessions for the month of October. Mention Fly Jefferson Airplane and you will receive a $25 discount on any length session. Don't forget, they are conducted over the phone, and last 30 or 60 minutes. If you need some guidance, give a shout.

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
*Anyone who purchases the book from this website will receive $20 off any length consulting session.

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