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Wednesday May 5, 2004  -  May Haps: Songwriter101, Keynote Talk, TLC- TV and more...
  • New Promotional Video
  • Nadine's Internet Music Biz Writing
  • May 18th- Keynote Talk in San Francisco
  • May 21- Nadine Interviewed for TLC's # 1 Makeover Show
  • Texas Seminar and Albuquerque Radio was a Blast
  • Inspirational Icon Frances Preston Stepping Down
  • Music Chit Chat
  • Endnote

New Promotional Video up on the site

I finished a cool new promotional video with the very gifted Daniel Watts at Dadawa Films. It is now posted online for all to see. Check it out at nadinecondon.com. Daniel's number is on the film, so call him to do YOUR video.

Nadine's Music Biz Writing on Fab New Web Sites

I am now a Faculty Member for Songwriter101.com, a fabulous new web site devoted to helping out unsigned artists with accurate and current business information. They are excerpting sections of my book, Hot Hits, Cheap Demos AND later they will be running a "Nadine Sez" Q&A column of musician questions. This site has loads of incredible free information for the artist (like... who collects royalties? where does the money goes for a CD sale? how to put a band together?) and is a handy tool for the all musicians. Cool video interviews too, with top songwriters from all genres!

I also just wrote a piece titled "Reality Check for Selling CDs" for the USA Songwriting Competition Newsletter which will be out next week.

May 18th- Keynote Talk in San Francisco

I will be the Keynote speaker at the Music Business Chops regional music seminar on May 18th in San Francisco from 12:30-6:30 pm at Studio Z. I am joined by some very nice pros that normally do not speak out, including editor in chief Mike Molenda at Guiatar Player Magazine and the dean of Bay Area lawyers, Bob Gordon. Check out the day at Music Business Chops.

May 21- Nadine Interviewed for TLC's # 1 Makeover Show, "What Not To Wear"

Local artist Megan Slankard was nominated by her family and friends to be the featured make over on this popular show. She went from hippie teen girl to assured performer with a style makeover. As an industry pro, I commented on the "before" and "after" Megan. She's a brave girl, a fine singer and you can all learn a lot on the importance of first impressions, on stage and off. Actually I wish someone had nominated ME - (I could use the makeover), but catch the show at 10 pm ET on Friday, May 21 and then replayed throughout the weekend, on the TLC channel.

Texas Seminar and Albuquerque Radio was a Blast.

I spent two days at South Plains College in Texas and found one of the best commercial music schools in the country. The staff, led by Cary Banks, is made up of total music pros and the students are way over the top talented. It is a great program because you actually spend ALL your time PLAYING MUSIC, not studying theory. Check it out here at southplainscollege and special thanks to my hosts Mickie Vasquez and Scott Faris.

I then went to Albuquerque where I was on the "Tony and Myles" morning radio show on the Big I,KBQI. What a great morning team. They were so funny, I had to stay in my car listening after I was finished with the interview. Morning radio is the only way to go, and I thank them, and the Copeland family, for making my day.

Industry Icon Frances Preston Stepping Down

Next week I go to Los Angeles for the annual BMI Pop Awards. This will be the last awards show under the auspices of Frances Preston, who has had a long, distinguished and inspiring career with BMI. She is retiring to "emeritus" status in December after a lifetime of exemplary service to musicians and the music industry. Congratulations Frances and thank you on behalf of musicians everywhere.

Music Chit Chat

The band Viv was recently featured on three websites simultaneaously- awarestore.com, freshtracksmusic.com and kingsofar.com. Simons Stinger has the single of the week 5/11-5/17 on Apple itunes. Buzz band Kingstreet plays their record release Thursday May 13 at the Independent, with Josh Fixx. Also that night (bookers-why both shows on the same night?) a solid show at GAMH with Firecracker, Mission Mile, Tremelo, and (yes) Megan Slankard. Van Hunt, who played Cafe du Nord at one of my book release parties, is on tour with Prince. Soncibids continues to lead the pack in artist placements in festivals and competitions (sign up for a discount on my site.) BlackDogPromotions.com, in neighboring AZ., has now started Black Dog Internet Radio. Has anyone checked out Weed.com? They say it is a revolutionary new file sharing activity, where everyone always gets paid. Just FYI. And lastly, my favorite indie band, Actionslacks, is playing this weekend at Cafe du Nord. They work, they record, they play, they tour.


I have heard some very good music recently in my consulting sessions. I am encouraged by the creativity and drive I see out there. Although "live music" seems to be "out of fashion" here in the Bay Area (low attendance at shows), this too shall pass... I lived through the original Disco era in the mid 70s (thought at the time to mean the end of live music across the board) and look at all the musical revolutions/adventures/styles we've had since that time!

Until next time, keep the faith, thank God and count your blessings! Stand up for what you believe, respect all peoples and pray for a peaceful resolve in Iraq...

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
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