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Wednesday March 31, 2004  -  KFOG Thursday April 1, Class Saturday April 3, and Easter Wishes
  • Tomorrow-April 1- KFOG Morning Show ( No Fooling!)
  • This Saturday-April 3 - Real World Music Business Class at Ft.Mason Center
  • I need your questions for a "Nadine Sez" column to debut in April
    • April 1 (Thursday)- KFOG Morning Show.

      Yes, I'll be back on at 7:40 a.m. with my favorite morning team, Dave, Renee and Irish Greg, to dish local music, talk story and answer your questions. Be ready to call in and ask the Godmother for help!

      April 3 (Saturday)-Real World Music Business Class at Ft. Mason

      I will present my trademark "Real World Music Business" talk at Blue Bear School of Music, in their intimate performance theater, from 1:30-4:30 pm. Welcome one and all!

      Consider this day, your "Cliff Notes" for a music career, since the workshop is practical and down to earth. Activities like starting a band, making a demo, getting gigs, promotion and publicity, finding a manager,getting the attention of the music industry, or selling DIY, are all discussed. Examples of real life success stories stressed. Copies of Hot Hits book are available at discount. This will be my last Bay Area seminar this season.

      As an artist development specialist and mentor to hundreds of musicians, I KNOW this seminar will enhance your creative life and music career. I am deeply committed to using my promotional expertise to helping all of you reach your highest potential

      Be prepared to cozy up and really get down to brass tacks! This three-hour seminar is open to the public and the cost is $50, collected at the door. 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm. and I stay until I have answered everyone's questions. There are several events at Ft. Mason on Saturday, so parking will be crowded. I promise to make it worth your time and not start without you!

      I need questions for a new column I'm writing debuting in April

      Although I can't announce any details yet, I am writing a new "Nadine Sez" column for a brand spanking new national website, set to debut in April. I need your questions baby dolls. Send them to me marked Q&A. Feeling frustrated? Write me, nadine@nadinecondon.com


      As usual, thanks for listening. Easter is right around the corner, so focus on what is meaningful to you. Live an inspired life by listening to that little voice inside of you. It's always right! Good luck!

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
*Anyone who purchases the book from this website will receive $20 off any length consulting session.

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