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Thursday March 11, 2004  -  Raves & Reviews. Seminars & Sales, Musician Odds & Ends

Great Review in SJ Metro, Book Sales Soar; Upcoming Appearances, including More Seminars; Recent Haps, Musician Odds & Ends ...

Great Review in San Jose Metro, Book Sales Soar

The San Jose Metro, ran a RAVE review of my book, titled:" Hot Tips: Nadine Condon wrote the Cliff Notes to making it in the music industry" saying " It's ideal both for new bands trying to figure out how to get started and for more established bands that could use a few pointers." Check it out on my site as it gives a solid overview of the book.

AND my publisher called to tell me I sold over 2500 books nationwide in my first six weeks of print! Yowzie- and thanks to all for getting out the word! Keep your friends and relatives going to Borders, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Guitar Centers and my site!

Upcoming Appearances

  • March 25 (Thursday) - Grammy in the Schools
  • I will be part of this star studded annual event held at SF State's McKenna Theater for high school students and sponsored by our very active local chapter of NARAS. Panel discussions, talent judging and encouraging young artists is the goal.

  • April 2 (Friday)- KFOG Morning Show.
  • I'll be back on at 7:40 a.m. with my favorite morning team, Dave, Renee and Irish Greg. Be listening live to 104.5 on the FM dial.

  • April 3 (Saturday)- Music Business Seminar at Ft. Mason Center, 1:30-4:30 p.m.
  • Blue Bear School of Music and West Coast Songwriters help me present my "Real World Music Business" Seminar at Blue Bear School of Music's Ft. Mason location ( Building D, in their charmingly intimate theater.) Ever since I shot a video there recently, I wanted to go back and use it for a talk. The seminar is a three-hour guide for how to succeed in the music business today, and is open to the general public. $50 for general admission, collected at the door. Current Blue Bear Students and members of West Coast Songwriters receive a $10 discount. This is a good opportunity for those who missed my SF State seminar. I will not having another local seminar until next fall.

  • April 20 (Tuesday) - Guest Lecturer, South Plains College, Texas.
  • I will be a visiting professor of music business at South Plains College , Texas which has one of the most respected and thorough music business programs in the country.

    Recent Haps, Musician Odds & Ends

    • Last week was a blast. I was interviewed live on Rock Talk, a Premier Radio Network syndicated show for rock radio, with veteran host Allan Handelman. I followed Bill Flanagan from VH1 and gave the flip side to that type of success, which seems so unattainable to struggling musicians. The show is on Sunday nights.
    • Later the same week, I was interviewed live, on smooth jazz with WDRU in Teaneck, N.J. I got to talk about my favorite smooth jazz artist, Craig Chaquico.
    • I also spoke at a bands4bands meeting in the East Bay and was thoroughly stoked what that organization is doing to make things happen for their members. They are a great example of bands taking things into their own hands, and not waiting for something to be handed to them. Good, good stuff. Thank you Pete and all the head bangers I met there.
    • My column is in this issue of Guitar Player, with the master Joe Satriani on the cover.
    • Hits, Cheap Demos is a featured book on the musicians bookstore page of greatmusicsites.com, a site with tons of info for bands. It's also featured on the fender.com guitar 60 second hum site, woohoo!
    • If you are going to SXSW, be sure to check out the BMI showcases: March 17th, Latin Rock at Exodus; March 18th the UK meets US shingdig at Brush Square and the all star show at Austin Music Hall with Cake, Little Richard and Blues Traveler; March 19th, both an acoustic brunch at the Four Seasons and the big rock showcase at the Hard Rock.
    • That film role Tardon was casting went to the very talented singer/performer Kate Donnellon.
    • I'm not sure many of you realize the advantages of joining sonicbids.com. With one activity, you can submit your music to literally every music conference, festival, contest in the country, including SXSW, NXNE, CMJ etc. Since they are one of my partners, you can join at a discount, by clicking though on my site. Go to their home page and check them out.
    • Q. What do the current and impending lay offs at Warner Bros. and Arista mean for bands? A. Nothing specific. You might stay away from those labels for awhile if you are shopping demos, until the dust settles and the new regimes get up and settled. This is a normal cyclical activity in the business. Keep the faith, keep writing, play your shows, OWN your career and don't be dependent on the approval of others.
    • Talleyho and away we go 'till next time...Happy Spring and Thank You!

    Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
    *Anyone who purchases the book from this website will receive $20 off any length consulting session.

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