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Friday February 20, 2004  -  Music Biz Seminar Tomorrow; Disc Makers joins the party!
  • Nadine's Music Biz Seminar is tomorrow in SF
  • Nadine Announces Partnership with Disc Makers

Nadine's Music Biz Seminar is tomorrow in SF!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, 2/21, is my SF State seminar focusing on the "real world" problems all musicians face in the career quests. The seminar will be from 12 noon until 3 pm, and is open to any musician, not just students. You do not have to pre-register---you can just show up and pay at the start of the class.

The cost is only $50 and all aspects of the business will be discussed, from how you begin to think of yourself as a musician, to label deals and options to label deals. Every attendee will get a 5-page class syllabus, a FREE "Making a Great Master" booklet on mastering your CD, from Discmakers, and copies of Hot Hits, Cheap Demos will also be for sale, at a discount.

Don't be intimidated! The seminar will be held at the downtown campus, which is a high-rise building with classrooms at 425 Market Street at Fremont ( close to the Embarcadero Bart station). The classroom location will be posted in the lobby, along with my signs. I'm looking forward to it!

Nadine Announces Partnership with Disc Makers

I'm pleased to announce my partnership with Disc Makers. In my ongoing quest to find reputable music companies who do what they say and say what they do, I'm thrilled to join up with these folks. They do quality replication, consistently and offer a bounty of OTHER savings and information to musicians who use their services, in their "aftercare kit". The also are involved with a myriad of conferences, music associations and music activities.

I've been especially impressed with how easy it is to use their website for orders and CD cover artwork. As most of you know from experience, making the CD goes far beyond recording the music, with artwork and manufacturing often taking far, far too long. I believe Discmakers makes it as straightforward as possible, with personalized service and timely delivery.

Just like with Soncibids, there is an easy click through to Disc Makers on my web site. Check them out!

Next up: Another guest column in Guitar Player Mag, Bands4Bands on March 4, a return visit to KFOG on March 10, a new (old) hospice story has been posted on the site, and as always… more.

Thank You.

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
*Anyone who purchases the book from this website will receive $20 off any length consulting session.

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