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Friday February 13, 2004  -  Big Heads up on KFOG and Seminar Open to ALL Musicians
  • KFOG Plays Local Music This Monday!
  • SF State Seminar Open to ALL Musicians

KFOG Plays Local Music This Monday

KFOG radio will be playing a full hour of local music this coming Monday, 2/16 (President's Day) at noon and 4 pm. This hour-long program will be hosted by the KFOG's own Renee Richardson. If they get a good response, who knows, they might do this kind of programming more often. So listen up and support commercial radio taking a chance on some of our most listenable, talented and deserving local artists.

SF State Seminar Open to ALL Musicians

NEXT Saturday is my SF State seminar focusing on the "real world" problems every musician faces. This three hour seminar (from noon- 3 pm). is open to ALL musicians, not just students. AND, you do not have to pre-register- you can just show up and pay at the start of the class!

Why not start your 2004 off by letting my 20 years of experience work for you! Learn what works in today's fast changing music business and stop wasting time on things that don't work and frustrate you! The cost is only $50 and this will be a casual classroom setting, perfect for your Q&As.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • Shaping a Musical Future - Top two secrets of the industry, 22 actions to take right now.
  • Planning and Strategies - Can you Plan A Career? Flexibility, accountability, discipline and partnerships.
  • How to Timeline A Musical Endeavor - Traditional and non traditional marketing strategies.
  • Play Your Music Live - Putting a band together, obtaining and promoting shows.
  • Create a Web Site, Make a Press Kit, Hire a Publicist - How and when to do what.
  • Record a Demo CD, Find A Producer, Woo Radio Airplay - What is a hit song?
  • Solicit A Manager, Lawyer or Agent - How and when to solicit a team.
  • Criteria for Record labels, Publishing Companies and Performing Rights, plus DIY and Indies.

The seminar will be held at the downtown campus, which is a high-rise building with classrooms at 425 Market Street at Fremont (close to the Embarcadero Bart station). The classroom location will be posted in the lobby. If you wish to pay by credit card, you must contact SF State directly. If you call 415- 405-7700 and press the #5 key, you will be connected with a live person who can assist you!

It's a slam dunk babydolls. Don't be shy. Get smart by getting information. I guarantee you will benefit from our time together. I love to teach, and no one teaches it like me, the Godmother! Hope to see you there.

More partnership news next week. Stay tuned and have a safe weekend full of Valentine LOVE!

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