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Thursday January 22, 2004  -  Sonicbids; Guitar Player; Talk Radio; DIY Confab: Musician news ...
  • Nadine Announces partnership with Sonicbids
  • Nadine's column in hot, new-look Guitar Player Mag
  • Book Hot Hits continues to get raves
Upcoming Appearances:
  • January 30 - All American Talk Radio Interview
  • February 5-7, DIY Convention in LA
  • February 21 - SF State Seminar
  • March 4 - Guest Speaker at Bands4Bands
Misc. for Musicians:
  • Local film looks for female musician/actress
  • Songwriting contest for women songwriters
  • Interesting piece on rock music in LA Times


  • Nadine Announces partnership with Sonicbids
  • I'm pleased to announce a partnership with Soncibids.com , which offers online electronic press kits and an array of music business services to musicians. Soncibids allows you the opportunity to make an EPK, which you can service to music festivals and music companies, easily and effectively. It's another good way to focus your music and take advantage of their vast network. More than anything, I find I really like the folks running it. I'm offering a special partner discount through sonicbids.com/nadinecondonCheck it out!

  • Nadine's column in hot, new-look Guitar Player Magazine
  • Guitar Player Magazine, the ONE magazine EVERY player uses, has a new look, new design and MY new ongoing business advice column, Nadine Sez. I'm pleased to be associated with such a class act. GP unveiled the new mag ( with Zakk Wylde on the cover) at last week's humongous NAMM show, with a splashy private party with guitar heavyweight after guitar heavyweight playing to a packed hotel lounge crowd (my new fave-Johnny A). It was a wild, wonderful event. Thank you GP, Mike Molenda, Laney Erokan and all the folks at Backbeat, Music Player, CMP, and United Media.

  • Book Hot Hits continues to get raves
  • My new book Hot Hits continues to get raves from the people who count most- musicians..."I just got finished reading your book for the second time, and I want to thank you for writing it... I love your clear, direct writing style that tells stories without either over-hyping or glossing over details. You are honest about how challenging a music career is, yet you also show how it is real and attainable. I'm recommending the book to all of my musically-inclined friends." (Brian J, rock musician). Isn't is time you picked up a copy to see what all the fuss is about. Available on my site (signed);online; and at all the big chains ( Borders etc.) Thank you for making this so much fun and so rewarding ( my kfog and kron appearances were a blast).


  • January 30 (Friday) - All American Talk Radio
  • NEXT WEEK will be interviewed from 5-6 pm by one of the Bay Area's most established radio talk hosts, Peter B. Collins, on Friday, January 31, on All American Talk Radio. You can access it online at All American Talk Radio; or listen to it through the Sirius Satellite Network. This is talk radio for all Americans, not just right wingers. I can't wait, since radio is my fave.

  • February 5-7 (Thurs.-Sat.), DIY Convention in LA
  • The fourth annual DIY Convention: Do It Yourself in Film, Music & Books has announced that its Feb. 5-7 event will be keynoted by alternative music pioneer Frank Black. The three-day gathering will be held in Hollywood and I will be moderating the "How To Sell 10,000 CDs In The Coming Year" panel on Saturday the 7th (the actual meat and potatoes learning day). This is the one event I absolutely have endorsed from day one. Go to DIYconvention.com for more info.

  • February 21 (Saturday) - SF State Talk
  • My seminar on "Real World Music Business Success" has been rescheduled for February 21, 2004 at SF State downtown campus (off lower Market). This seminar is open to all peoples (students and non-students) and is a three hour intensive on the music business today. Register today ( and change the trajectory of your career) by calling (415) 405-7700 and ask for course MRI 8010, Common Sense Music Biz

  • March 4 (Thursday) - Bands4Bands
  • I'll be the guest speaker at Bands4Bands on Thursday, March 4th. This grass roots band organization shares information, promotion and more. My calendar has information and I'll speak about this more fully in a future issue.

Misc. for Musicians

  • Local film looks for female musician/actress
  • Tardon, that cool engineer from Mr. Toad's studio, is looking for a female lead for the film he is shooting about the SF music scene. As Tardon wrote me."It is a major role. This person would have to be able to act VERY well as well as be musical.She should be able to play the 27-30 range. She plays a financial district worker with subjugated musical ambitions who decides to bust out of that lifestyle and go for it with rock and roll It's a drama and a musical, all rolled into one." Sounds familiar doesn't it! Contact him at Tardon@mrtoads.com

  • Ladysixstring songwriting contest for women
  • I will be judging the Ladysixstring songwriting contest. Go to their site and see how you can submit to win fab prizes. Some of the proceeds will benefit cancer treatment research. ladysixstring.com

  • LA Times piece on rock music
  • I was going through my BMI media digest and caught this clip from one of our elder statemen of journalism, Robert Hillburn. I always say music can't be like the Old Days, because rock is the language of youth. I've seen the music business die over and over again. Certainly it is changing and it is challenging. Check out how rock may be coming back (as if you didn't know.) LA Times article

That's all for now. MORE always to come! Thank you for reading.

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