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Sunday November 16, 2003  -  BMI MiXer; Musician News, Book Feedback
  • This Weekís Hoopla- BMI Show at Du Nord
  • Musician and Misc. News
  • Recap of Recent Adventures and Book Feedback

This Weekís Hoopla- BMI Show at Du Nord; Guitar Center SF follows...

DO NOT miss the BMI show THIS Tuesday at Cafe du Nord. Free Beer at the cool pre-show Mixer from 8:00-8:30 p.m.! Come meet your Los Angeles BMI reps Hanna Bolte Pantle, Myles Lewis and Tony George and have a cold Bud on BMI. Happy Hour prices will also be in effect through 8:30 p.m.

Contrary to the ads, the hoopla starts at 8:00 p.m.

  • 8:00-Cool pre-show mixer (meet folks)
  • 8:30-Van Hunt (alt /soul)
  • 9:15-Rich McCulley (alt /country)
  • 10:00-Beth Waters( alt /chanteuse)
  • 10:45-Firecracker (alt /SOMA)

Come early, stay late,and party down listening to some terrific music...Iíll be signing books, hosting the show and generally creating a buzz for the local scene. My longtime partner, Jocelyn Kane of Motogirl (aka Executive Director of the SF Entertainment Commish) is co-producing this show with me, so stop by and let us know what your band is up to these days.

The next night I have a book signing at the Guitar Center in SF, on Mission Street, from 6:00-8:00 pm. These have been a blast, all ages and free. If you can't make it to the Cafe du Nord, come on down to the Guitar Center and let me shake your hand. ( Did you know that Guitar Center let's ANYONE play on their instruments, amps, drums kits, pedal boards...It's like a giant music playground for all ages...check it out!)

Musician and Misc. News

  • Kudos to Aaron Axelson and LIVE 105 for hosting a local band on the big stage for the Not So Silent Night concert with Janeís Addiction. Thatís real support of local music!
  • The band 5 A.M. is into their second printing of the CD Degrees of Falling, having sold over 2500 copies and remaining in the top 10 of cornerband.com for the past 5 months.. Just opened for Cracker at the Mystic and playing Viper in LA in December...
  • Photographer/scenester Billy Douglas is having a photography at Coopers, Sanchez and Duboce with an artists reception on BMI Tuesday, from 7:30-9:00 p.m. Drop in on your way to the Du Nord.
  • Tourbaby.com is landing at the Red Devil Lounge this Friday on 11/21 with Alma, Melodiosa, Ama, Austin Willacy, Essence and Mokai. Cool concept, grassroots and real Do It Yourself can-do!
  • Jenny Kerr Band headlined Europeís biggest country festival this summer, over 120,000 attendance! Wow. Hard to find good country in the Bay Area... Try to catch her at the Hotel Utah in December...
  • Emily Zuzik of Sexfresh is touring solo on the east coast, having relocated to NYC...Alive Records and the Two Gallants are talking- would be a good first step for them...Simon Stinger currently getting multi-track airplay on AOL/Netscape radio...OAZ (Ones and Zeros) recording with Faith No More founder Billy Gould...
  • My XMAS show has been moved to December 17th at the Red Devil. Exciting news about it forthcoming! Stay tuned.
  • IN THE MiX: Geno Lucero, Dave Martin, Super cool Chris Solberg, Miles Hurwitz, Freddie Avner, Nina Lesowitz, Mary Anne Koenig, Rena Shulsky...

Recap of Recent Adventures and Book Feedback

My book signings have been a treat. I have an End Note in the book about how writing the book was like making a CD. Selling the book is the same- you let your fans (readers) know where you will be, you make the event special (author signing) and you go out and meet your fans( readers). Itís been a blast being out there again, after being sequestered with the book. Iíve seen SO many friends!

Some great new scenes (Sushi Sunday at Milk on Haight Street) and continuing scenes (VIV and a Movie on Mondays is such a creative conceptof music/film/art). Excellent open mic talent at West Coast Songwriters and Guitar Centers rock! Also saw the Matches last night at L3 in Oakland and truly, this band has the potential to make a future album that will blow all of us out of the water...

I raised over $500 for Mission Hospice last week. It was an extraordinary evening and I thank everyone who supported it.

The three local bands I played on Fast Forward were Firecracker, Wake and Fighting Jacks.

Iíve been getting amazing feedback on the book from readers, in just these few short weeks. Itís very rewarding and humbling. Kindly indulge me for a minute here...

I met you at Milk this past Sunday... Just wanted to say I love love LOVE your book and feel as if I have my own Nadine Seminar at my bedside table...So much great information and easy to read... It reads as if you are talking to me directly... and you are...Thank you for coaxing me over to buy it---Tom, San Francisco

Whoa! I got your book from Borders today and haven't been able to put it down...I've been looking for something to help me crystallize my desires and formulate a workable strategy and it seems like you wrote this book specifically for me... Again, thank you for the gift of your insights and experience. You've done something unique and very timely... ---Mike, Chicago

Whoa back...It doesnít get any better than that. So do yourself a favor and BUY the book. See you this week! Always check the web calendar on my web site since Iím adding and dropping events like Grant through Richmond. More to come!

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