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Thursday October 23, 2003  -  Nadine's Wild November Book Hoopla

Nadine Sez: Upcoming Book Release & Wild Book Hoopla, Special Book Offer

  • Hot Hits, Cheap Demos set for November Release
  • Wild Book Hoopla
  • Special Book Offer

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos set for Release

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my new book Hot Hits, Cheap Demos: the Real-World Guide to Music Business Success. Published by Backbeat Books (an imprint of the Music Player Network), this book is a labor of love, from me to you! There are enough life truths applicable to anyone's situation and everyone will be able learn from the career anecdotes of my famous (and not so famous) clients and friends.

Hot Hits shows musicians everything they need to know from marketing and promotion concerns (creating a press kits, sure fire marketing strategies, producing and promoting shows, making eye catching Web sites) to fundamental tricks of the trade (creating a standout song, finding a producer, manager, lawyer or agent; facts and fiction about radio airplay; secrets to attracting major labels or options to major label contracts).

I'm thrilled and I think you will be too! Thanks all of you for your good wishes along the way...

Wild Book Hoopla

A large part of the book is about thinking outside the box. I decided to do just that with the book release and go to where musicians go. Sure, the book will be in the chain stores, but I wanted to make a special effort to reach out to everyone who plays music in the Bay Area.

So, I will be making special appearances at the Guitar Centers in El Cerrito on Wednesday, 11/5; San Jose on Wednesday, 11/12; and San Francisco on Wednesday, 11/19, signing copies of the book for all you players out there who are serious about your chops and your business. I'm excited about going where the pros go- Guitar Center!

There will also be appearances and book signings at other non-traditional venues like: Mission Hospice on Thursday, 11/6; VIV and a Movie at the Red Devil Lounge in SF on Monday, 11/10; L3 with the Matches at iMusicast in Oakland on Saturday, 11/15; the West Coast Songwriters Association song screening in San Carlos on Monday, 11/17, plus other WCSA events... These are just a few of the places I'll be around the Bay.

I will also be having a very, very special Nadine's Wild BMI Showcase on Tuesday November 18 at the Cafe du Nord. I write extensively about my past BMI shows in the book...shows with bands like Counting Crows, Candlebox, Train and more...This evening will feature the talents of three artists/bands I have my eye on right now...Firecracker, Beth Waters and Rich McCulley. This will be a great show,and another wild book night. You never know who might show up.

There is something for everyone in November/December. For the complete list go to the web site and check out my events and calendar page. Come say hello, buy the book, and get it signed. Remember my dear sweet musician friends, I believe that your talent is possible, so join me in celebrating our Bay Area music community.

Special Book Offer

There is lots of new info up on my web site for you to look at and click through. Everyone who buys the book through my site will receive a special autographed copy, and shipping and handling is included in the cost. Also, in celebration of the release, anyone who buys the book through the site or at an event will receive $20 off any length consulting session! So basically if you take a session, the book is free! Coolio...and I'll see you around!

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
*Anyone who purchases the book from this website will receive $20 off any length consulting session.

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