"Nadine's one of the few people I trust in this business. She's a straight shooter and her book tells you everything a musician starting out needs to know. "

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Friday October 3, 2003  -  First Book Blurb! Good Description!

" Practical advice and business savvy for aspiring musicians looking to make it in the music industry."

Hot Hits Cheap Demos is rooted in proven business experience, not classroom theory. the author reveals the real secrets pof artist development and why every overnight success is years in the making. The book's emphass is on using the creative process as the foundation for success. Long experienced with guiding successful artists through the ever-changing-music -business-landscape, Condon draws on her business savvy as well as her can-do attitude to give practicval advice to aspiring music stars. Along the way she provides reaslistic ways for musicians to plan and evaluate their path toward success, and offers inspiring words of wisdom and encouragement. With her positive outlook and generosity of spirit apparent throughout the book, the author teaches musicians how to have a long rewarding career while enjoying the journey.

Condon is a twenty-plus-year music business veteran with 14 gold and platinum records from superstars like Smashmouth, Stroke 9, Melissa Etheridge,Travis Tritt, and the Jefferson Starship.

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Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
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