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Monday January 1, 2001  -  Why the DIY Convention is Right for YOU!

Everyone knows I don't like conventions and God knows I hate panels. ▄But there are five reasons why you, as an aspiring artist, will benefit from the DIY Convention, to be held February 10, 2001 at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood.

  • This is not a "wanker" convention (don't laugh - there is a "where did this come from" conference every weekend now.)
  • Good track record of the producers putting it on (these are solid people I personally respect.)
  • Concurrent multi-genre format for music, film and books. (Totally cool to be with lots of different artists instead of just other hungry musicians.)
  • Actual, usable information will be given by people who know what they are talking about. (I.E. people who have walked the walk.)
  • Incredible dollar value and reasonable rates for what you get in return. (relatively cheap, one day only, and geographically desirable.)

Unlike the biggie conferences like SXSW and CMJ, the DIY Convention (Do It Yourself) is oriented toward people who are interested in producing and taking control of their art in the 21st century. ▄Educating yourself to have a proactive career is paramount in today╠s business climate. ▄This means taking advantage of the internet and all the other thinking outside the box ▄ways to promote, distribute and sell your product, whether it is a music cd, a film or a book you╠ve written. ▄The DIY Convention is geared toward these specifics.

The people putting it on, Bruce Haring and Anita Rivas are my kind of people... that means no B.S. ▄Bruce is a longtime writer for USA Today, Billboard, and Daily Variety and has written two books, Off the Charts and Beyond the Charts. ▄His site is OfftheCharts.com and worth checking out. ▄Anita Rivas was a long time booker with the I-Beam, back in the early 90s when it was THE place to be in San Francisco, before she left to pursue her dream of a law degree. ▄If there was ever anyone on the side of artists, it has always been Anita and you can now reach her at the law firm of Escalante, Walner & Rivas!

The DIY Convention will address the legal and business aspects of the entertainment world, with special focus on questions most dear to the indie artist, like how to raise money, how to secure online merchandise deals, how to license works. ▄There will also be a music/film market where you can shop your music to music supervisors.

Just the first panel alone... creating a business plan, protecting assets, rights acquisition, selection of entities (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, Corporation (C or S)), business licenses, bar codes, I.R.S. and tax issues, the hows and whys behind federal copyright, trademark and servicemark registrations and other general issues in business... should be mandatory.

There is too much more that they are offering for me to tell you about here...the executive line up alone is worth the price of admission. ▄Morning sessions are oriented toward getting started and the afternoon sessions are geared to whatever track you are on: music, film or books. Go to the DIY site and see for yourself. ▄And it's only $65 and one day of your time.

These people think like I think-practical business strategies for creative people. ▄The only activity I like more than this are my own seminars, but until those start again in the spring, please avail yourself to this very well thought out and nicely structured event.

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