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Friday December 1, 2000  -  A&R Tip #1130 - Websites

Today's #1 A&R resource is a bands's website. It is everyone's first look, first impression, first vibe of a band. Too often I see sites that are dated, don't tell the focused story about the band that will get someone's attention, or have the real information that the industry pays attention to buried at the end of a long and basically boring bio.. ▄Remember, YOU tell us your story and why we should pay attention. ▄We cannot guess what makes you special.

Web sites should be maintained as currently as possible, with up to date information on pertinent facts, like cd sales, gig info, # of downloads to date, # of hits to date, online promotions and other interactive hooks (placement on other sites, sign-ups, guestbooks, fan reviews). ▄Make your best songs downloadable. ▄News should be kept current and interesting... if you had a great opening slot for Matchbox 20, or some special producer worked on a few tracks, or you have radio airplay, tell us! If you're running special promotions or setting up your own shows, that's of interest because it makes you proactive. The bio can remain static as long as personnel doesn╠t change. (But please, it is not necessary to start at age five with your interest in music). ▄Pictures should have the current members, and make sure you have at least one black and white picture of the band shot horizontally for press downloads.

Be careful of having dated material and old album info highly visible on the site. People are interested in what you are doing NOW. Consider Archiving these items if someone wants ▄more information. (Rule of thumb is anything over two-three years old. ▄That means we don't care what happened in 1998, no matter how good it was - if it was THAT good, you'd be signed. Best to simply use it as a point of reference for how hard working and dedicated you are on the "History" page). ▄The only exception to this rule is having a gig list over the last six - twelve months... (IF you were active enough). Everyone likes to see a working band...

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