"Nadine has watched and been part of the evolution of the music business in the Bay area and nationally. We've worked on projects together, we've discussed ideas, and the "state of the industry" and ..." more

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Hot Hits, Cheap DemosHot Hits, Cheap Demos
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Hot Hits, Cheap Demos:
The Real-World Guide to Music Business Success

If you are a musician, regardless of your musical persuasions, Hot Hits is the one book that will save you money, time and heartache.

Iíve been getting amazing feedback on the book in just these few short weeks...Here's what readers have to say...

"Just wanted to say I love love LOVE your book and feel as if I have my own Nadine Seminar at my bedside table. So much great information and easy to read. It reads as if you are talking to me directly...and you are. Thank you for coaxing me over to buy it." - Tom, San Francisco

"Whoa! I got your book from Borders today and haven't been able to put it down. I've been looking for something to help me crystallize my desires and formulate a workable strategy and it seems like you wrote this book specifically for me. Again, thank you for the gift of your insights and experience. You've done something unique and very timely." - Mike, Chicago

Book Synopsis

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos, the new book by lauded industry professional Nadine Condon, is rooted in "real-life" music business experience, not classroom theory. Having dealt with some of the wildest, most successful musicians of the last 20 years, Nadine reveals the real secrets of artist development, using the creative process as the foundation for success. With the music business changing faster than the click of a computer mouse, Nadine draws on her extensive business savvy to give practical, effective advice. Using the success stories of her clients and friends, she provides realistic ways for musicians to plan and evaluate their path toward success. If you are a musician, regardless of your musical persuasions, this is the one book that will save you money, time and heartache .

Book topics include...

  • The top three industry secrets and 22 actions you can take right now
  • How to research traditional and non traditional marketing strategies
  • How to contact a club, alternative venue and other bands
  • How to produce your own shows and ways to promote them
  • Ways to make your website stand out, web page categories and site sins
  • How to create a press kit and when to hire a publicist
  • What is a hit song, how to find a producer, packaging a CD
  • Facts and fiction about commericial and college radio airplay
  • How and when to solicit a manager, agent and lawyer, with professional checklist
  • Submission guidelines and criteria to get major label interest
  • Options to major labels, publishing and performing rights info
  • 12 points of practical advice to carry with you for your career

"The one true constant of the San Francisco music scene is a straight talking Kentucky woman named Nadine Condon. She is rock music's north star. It is no coincidence that most any band (including mine) coming out of San Francisco, came through her office." - Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind

"Nadine writes with truth and a perspective gained by hard work, hit records and veteran experience." - Melissa Etheridge

"Nadine's one of the few people I trust in this business... this book tells you everything a musician needs to know." - Craig Chaquico, award winning guitarist

Published nationally by Backbeat Books, ISBN 0-87930-762-5.

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