"As guest lecture at our Creative Arts Department at South Plains College, Nadine Condon was one of the most popular and respected speakers we have have ever experienced. Her insightful stories about ..." more

Cary C Banks Chairman, Creative Arts Department South Plains College

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Nadine Condon
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From Jefferson Starship to Smashmouth, twenty-year music business veteran Nadine Condon has been instrumental in the success of some of today's hottest acts. With 14 gold and platinum records from artists like Stroke 9, Travis Tritt and Melissa Etheridge, Condon showcased up-and-coming bands like Counting Crows, Third Eye Blind, and Train, in the 90s.

She has authored Hot Hits, Cheap Demos: The Real-World Guide to Music Business Success, released Fall of 2003 by Backbeat Books. She is an artist development coach and mentor, offering practical strategies to creative people. She is in demand as a speaker for her engaging seminars "Real-World Music Business (from Starship to Smashmouth)", which is being presented around the country to enthusiastic response.

She is the executive producer of her signature event, Nadine's Wild Weekend, Northern California's only four day celebration devoted to local music. She is a long time consultant to BMI, the world's largest performing rights society. 1998, BAM Magazine called her one of the Top 100 Californians in the Music Business.

Other past clients include Atlantic Records, RCA Records, MCA Records, Island Records, CBS Radio. Craig Chaquico, the Plant Recording Studios, Toast Studios, Steve Miller, John Mayall, the eels, Travis Tritt, Higher Octave Records, and Rocket Records. She managed Her Majesty the Baby and Ryan Downe. Prior to forming her own company in 1988, she was Director of Promotion and Publicity for the Jefferson Starship and instrumental in promoting three consecutive #1 songs. She started her career working with famed singer-songwriter, producer Nick Gravenites (Electric Flag, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Janis Joplin).

Condon is active in hospice and spiritual work, rides horses and is contemplating her next book. She lives in San Mateo, California with her husband.